Branding: My First Brand – Age 12

When I was pulling together materials to make this site, I came across some yellowing drawing pads with stacks of loose sheets jammed into them. Among them, were the evidence of my first branding effort.

I know I actually started using a symbol along with my signature when I was 9 or 10. But the first actual evidence I can show is 1985. That would make me 12.

The CAN Logo Mark

My symbols were based on my initials: C.A.N.

The first was a toilet bowl. Pretty clever. I thought.

But I had matured and decided on an raggedly opened tin can as a new mark.

So, what did I find these on?

Some evidence of my earliest attempts at bawdy comics. (Which have been censored, as my adult and professional sensibilities tell me to do.)

Bill Waving Hello (Censored)
Bill Throwing Eggs
Bill Helps The Blind
Baby Bill Waving Hello (Censored)