Book Report: The Shape of Ideas

The Shape of Ideas - Cover

I wanted to share this book with the two people who will come to this site over the next five years. I wanted to share it specifically for a few reasons that I will bullet out:

  • I have struggled with inspiration issues my whole life.
  • Unlike most of what I read, this is totally G-rated and shareable.
  • There are enough redeeming qualities in this book that you should go ahead and shell out $12 for it.

About my inspiration issues. I have probably made hundreds or thousands of sketches over the years that were moving toward an actual “art piece.” But something wasn’t right enough to actually take it beyond sketch. It would nag me until I got annoyed or frustrated. Then the sketch would become a turned page or get filed away. Never to be revisited.

And in terms of just concepts or ideas for creative marketing or whatever, same thing. Many a cocktail napkin ended up in the trash with a half-formed idea.

About being G-rated. This book is clever and fun without any of the edge of my favorite “comics.” So if you have a youngster you’d like to help inspire – do.

It’s actually kind of funny that I haven’t even made it through the whole volume yet. I have it on a sidetable in the room I spend the most time in. So when I am stuck on a thought – or just clueless – I pick it up and read a few pages until I get the idea.

Or just feel better that I still don’t have it …

The Shape of Ideas - Interior