#Drawlloween2017: Week 1(ish)

I like to draw. But I don’t draw very often. I’m not even sure why. I just don’t.

In 2016 I happened upon a 31-day drawing challenged called “Drawlloween.” I caught it mid-stride so I didn’t try to participate. But I did decide that I would go for the 2017 expedition.

As the name implies, all the daily challenges have something to do with monsters or horror or Octobery scary things.

It’s really hard to blow out a serious drawing every day with work and sleep and whatnot. So you will see I picked and chose my days to really throw myself at it. And days to phone it in.

So without further ado, Week 1 …

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Day 1: Return from the Dead
I saw a lot of people doing the book return angle, but I think my FitBit gift return was extra clever.
Day 2: Summon Day
This seemed to be a crowd favorite. It got over 20 likes on the Twitterz. I guess that means something when you only have 7 followers.
Harambe lives.
Day 4: Pumpkin Wicked This Way Comes
Pumpkin spice lattes and selfies. What could go wrong?
Day 5: Full Moon Follies
I was told that the little hairs sold this one.
Day 6: Folklore Friday
Everything is better fried.
They’re BOTH crawlers – get it?