#Drawlloween2017: Week 3(ish)

More drawerings from the challenge …

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Day 15: Cornfield Capers
I like capers.
Day 17: Toadsday
Putting this a day out of order so the next can have more space.
I think I nailed Captain Spaulding here. Yeah?
Day 18: Crypt Creeps
A crypt and a creep. Fuhgettaboutit.
Day 19: Nightmare Nomads
A nightmare hipster.
This might have been my absolute favorite. It’s definitely the one I spend the most time on. If the likenesses aren’t on enough: that is Kyle McLaughlin’s character from Agents of SHIELD hanging out with Ice Cube, Mr Friday himself.
Day 21: Cadaverous Cowboys
Zombie Doc Holiday? Why yes, please.
Day 23: Sewer Settlers
A lot of people went with traveling settlers. But you can settle right at home too.
The saddest cartoon I have ever done, maybe.