Creative: Fashion Show for 3D Sculpture Class

The terrible flyer I made.

In 1999 I was taking a 3D art class in pursuit of a Fine Arts Associate at AACC. I was already making websites for money. And on track for a full-time job doing that. So I wanted to make sure I was being exposed to others’ creativity and learning about various creative processes. I could learn code alone with the Internet.

Anyway, I also tend to want to do things big.

So when our assignment was to make a piece of jewelry or fashion accessory, and it was fall, I decided to propose that the class do a themed fashion show. The instructor agreed—as long as all the other students were ok with it. And as long as I handled it.

I can be pretty convincing when I get excited about something.

With a couple of other students’ help, I planned the show. This included designing the program (the tri-fold below), designing flyers (a show needs an audience), covering pizzas and snacks (an audience needs to be lured), hiring dancers, finding dry ice, etc.

It was a good early example of my leadership and organization skills.

And it was a blast. Hectic. But a lot of fun.

Tri-fold Program for the Midnight at Midday Event

The tri-fold program I designed and printed.

My 3D sculpture project along with the tri-fold program

The tri-fold standing up in front of my project: “The Choker Choker.”