Creative: Stolen Creative? You Be The Judge …

This is a little bit of a touchy subject. But I would like some due credit. So even though I cannot mention the name of the history-related society that stole my creative, or the advertising agency I represented at the time, here we are.

As part of a pitch for a website overhaul, I conceived of the delivery mechanism for our proposal. Something that would show our creativity at first blush, because the meat of the proposal would show our knowledge. I worked with a senior staff member to put together enough of these hand-wrapped, red wax-sealed, dossiers containing our proposal.

They, of course, had to be hand delivered. I even did that.

In the end, they did not choose to go with us. There were some inexplicable politics in play I think. Who knows? I don’t.

The hand-made envelope that contained a pitch for a history-related organization.

What I do know , is that this is what the wayback machine tells me their website looked like … not too long after our rejected proposal.

Maybe they just got inspired?

I mean, I get it. I didn’t invent tea-stained paper or wax seals.

But c’mon.

This is what can happen when you do any kind of creative thought on spec. It’s part of the game. It should be a foul.

But it’s just part of the game.