Decent Intel Official Seal

When I started up an all-digital, all-remote marketing company in 2016, I wanted to play up the fact that it would be comprised of somewhat secret experts–freelancers. It would be a decentralized agency. There’d be no main office to come visit and have donuts in a conference room. Which, should have an appeal when you can cut 50% off your hourly rate for having very little overhead. And I fancy myself to have experience in so many business verticals that I could bring a basic intelligence to any project.

So there it was: a secret ad agency. The Decentralized Intelligence Agency!

Decent Intel for short. (Which adds some pseudo-military flavor as in “all we need is some decent intel to make the decision.”)

If I was going to play in metaphors I wanted to push it as far as I could. Starting with the logo, I spoofed the CIA official seal with an owl behind a shield emblazoned with the money-bulbs. My symbol for “ideas = money.”

The Decent Intel Logo

For reference, here is the CIA’s seal. Not bad on its own …

CIA Official Seal

I closed up Decent Intel for good in April of 2017 as I became fully engaged with a fulfilling day job. In retrospect, I still like the concept for the creativity of it. But I think it went over too many people’s heads. Next time I will just be Milktoast Consulting or something that doesn’t require playing along with.