Union of Bad Decisions

In early 2016, I helped a friend come up with a concept for a crowd-funding campaign to help move his bar (Bad Decisions) from one location to another. We decided to not use Indiegogo or Kickstarter for a few reasons. First, he could actually accept money through his current business. Secondly, he didn’t need the wide promotion they offer (you pretty much have to be IN Baltimore to care). And perhaps most of all, he wouldn’t need to pay 10-14% in fees and percentages to a third party.

We kicked around the idea of a “club.” Since Baltimore has a strong union history, I spun it that way. The Union of Bad Decisions was born.

Union of Bad Decisions

I set up a website with a WooCommerce store buying future products. I mocked up items like a challenge coin and, to stay on metaphor, a union “dues book” that was basically a punch-card for free (prepaid) drinks.

The concept for the challenge coin.
Concept for dues book

I also made a “downloadable poster” for people who just wanted to donate a couple bucks.

Poster for Union of Bad Decisions

In the end, we didn’t raise enough money in time. But I had fun trying. 🙁