Book Report: Universal Principles of Design

I believe I first became aware of this volume while at the HOW Design Conference in Atlanta (I want to say 2007?) and attending William Lidwell’s presentation on “The Universal Principles of Design.” The talk was impressive and all of the reasoning behind it was pretty sound. I did not know it at the time, but the talk was based on the book of the same name. When I came home I ordered it and was not disappointed.

Let me just TLDR it for you right off the bat:

Anyone, who has any involvement in the creation of any thing at all that other people use in any way whatsoever should order this book.

What is great is that this isn’t a complex book on design. One where there are entire chapters or more discussing individual principles. Every couplet covers a single design principle. Don’t be fooled – that doesn’t mean the content is light. It forces the authors to distill the concept down to its core. That makes each very digestible for anyone involved in creative processes in any way.

The left page covers the concept and the right gives examples and diagrams. It’s a great format for reference or inspiration.

Inside view of the book

Go get it.