Branding: The Web Beyond the Web

In 2003, prior to being moved to the “marketing department” at USNI, I wrote a large document to inform the executive staff on how many opportunities they had to promote the website, and transitively, the Naval Institute. Opportunities that they were under-using or missing entirely.

I had absolutely no formal training in marketing or advertising. No formal training in writing for business. No formal training in much of anything (except artsy stuff). So, how did I come up with it?

Maybe because I am good at logic. Maybe it’s my analytical mind. Maybe my ability to view the obvious in a slightly askew way.

Maybe it was all junk anyway.

I doubt anyone would want to read a fifteen-year old marketing document. But, what I will show is something that maybe even holds up to today. I laid the plans out alongside a very visual diagram to help everyone understand how interconnected all of their efforts needed to be.

The Web Beyond the Web

The Web Beyond the Web
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