Branding: Sun Tzu Interactive

Another part of my roller-coaster 2002 was the formation of a legal business entity to handle all that money I was supposed to make from Marketing: My Biggest Failure – Battle of Midway CD-Rom. With all of the experience I had working on things for USNI that I carried over to the good parts of that same project, I knew I wanted to keep doing military history content. It was the perfect way to fuse two passions into millions of dollars of Internet money.

So I formed a company that would obviously resonate as experts of military history.

Sun Tzu Interactive.

Classic Ink Portrait of Sun Tzu

If you don’t know, Sun Tzu wrote The Art of War. That is like … kind of a big deal as far as military goes. He was an old-timey Chinese general. Historians debate the actual details. So I will leave it to you to Google him or jump straight over to Wikipedia and look for yourself.

Anyway … so I had the brilliant idea of putting a computer mouse in an ancient Chinese warmaster’s hand. In the intro of the CD-ROM it’s animated: he moves the mouse and clicks.


Logo for Sun Tzu Interactive