Branding: We Are Your Naval Institute Outreach

During the early 2000s the Naval Institute had some “identity issues”—as many companies with extended longevity inevitably do. You see, they were formed in 1874 for a singular purpose: the recording of the proceedings of the meetings of a small group of naval officers. Those later became the foundation for Proceedings magazine, its flagship monthly publication.

Then came memberships. Making them a membership organization. Your membership got you a subscription to Proceedings.

Then came a book publishing arm: The Naval Institute Press. Who mostly publishes dry military histories and niche naval books. Oh, and The Hunt For Red October. Everyone hits a home run in their career.

Then they added seminars. Makes sense to get together and have events talking about the topics. Then an immense photo collection got donated. So they also started selling photos. And certificates. You gotta sell certificates. And Naval History magazine of which I am a big fan. You can read about some interesting work I did for NH here.

Then, they created The Naval Institute Foundation as a completely separate, but included, fundraising company.

So, what is that? Eight separate business units? I don’t even need to explain any further if you’ve ever worked at a company with more than one business unit or product line. ‘Nuff said.

While the marketing team was struggling with reaching new demographics, I put together the lines and sketches below to try to get things rolling toward targeting groups instead of trying for a one-size-fits all approach. It never went anywhere. The design sucks. They really were sketches. But it would have been nice to see them evolve …


  • Top Left: Marines (note the capitalization, Marines are always capped) & Females (actually in all branches)
  • Top Right: Reservists (as this was the early 2000s reservists were seeing actual action abroad)
  • Bottom Left: Retired and veterans (mostly targeting for the foundation to go get donations)
  • Bottom Right: Coast Guard (they always seem to get short shrift when rolled in with their sister services)
First group of concepts for U.S. Naval Institute outreach


  • Top Left: Aviators
  • Top Right: Young Officers
  • Bottom Left: Young Officers
  • Bottom Right: Wise Asses (I threw that one in because it was late, and I figured no one would ever look at these anyway …)
Second group of concepts for U.S. Naval Institute outreach